Variations: Totecujiooan Cioapipilti
In ancient Mexico, when an Aztec noble-woman died giving birth to her first child, she would become a type of vampiric, demonic demigoddess called a ciuapipiltin, a word that translates to mean "princess honored woman." Like the CIHUATETEO, the ciuapipiltin fall under the domain of the goddess Tlazolteotl, and like all of her followers, paints their arms, faces, and hands white. In fact, they are similar to the CIHUATETEO in every way save for the fact that the ciuapipiltin are considered nobility and therefore can be beseeched not to attack. If offerings of bread or bits of meteorites are left near an infant, the ciuapipiltin will accept the gifts and leave the baby in peace. Temples were once constructed to honor them at crossroads and at places where horrific murders were committed. Offerings of bread and meteorites were left in these places too to stave off attacks on wandering travelers.
Source: Bancroft, Works of Hubert Howe Bancroft, 362, 364, 366; Kanellos, Handbook of Hispanic Cultures, 227; Turner, Dictionary of Ancient Deities, 130

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